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about me

Height: 5'9"   |   Eye Color: Blue-Green   |   Hair Color: Light Brown 

Practice gratitude at every moment!

I want to personally thank you for visiting me here and  look forward to staying in touch. 



Picture of Dorian Gray ​|  Lead


Emmanuel Ungaro   |   Tokyo, Japan

Lee Cooper Jeans   |   Paris, France

Sketchers |   Los Angeles, CA

Kiss FM   |   Los Angeles, CA

La Perla   |   Milan, Italy

3ts featuring Michael Jackson “Why” |   Los Angeles, CA

Lenny Kravitz music video  |  Los Angeles, CA

Target National Spot “Yoga with Target dog” |   Los Angeles, CA

Mutsubishi Regional High Definition Media  |   Portland, OR


TCBY Training Video   |   Little Rock, AR

Kathy Lee Gifford Makeup  |   Los Angeles, CA

Living Arts “Kundalini Yoga” Video  |   Maui, HI

GAIAM “Budokon for Weightloss” Dvd  |  Los Angeles, CA

GAIAM “Yoga Now” Infomercial  |   Los Angeles, CA

Nike Yoga  |   Portland, OR

“Fluidity” Infomercial  |   Portland, OR

ANSR BEAM  |   Portland, OR

SONY Tablet |   Los Angeles, CA

Eurolift  |   Los Angeles, CA

Indermica   |   Los Angeles, CA

Training & Workshops

Lee Strasburg School    |   New York   


​Killian Commercial Workshop  |   Los Angeles  

Yoga   |   Pilates   |  Budokon  |  Hoopnotica  | Bio-Energetic Sound Healing  Instructor

Special Skills

Yoga, Pilates, Hula Hooping, Hoopdance, Martial Arts, Marathoning, Swimming, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Rollerblading, Cross Country, Water Skiing, Dancing, Photography, Spoken Word, Music, Digital Graphics & Multi-Media. Accents: French.

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